Imaginings on images

In my reflection on ‘window cleaning’ (22/2/16) I drew attention to Goswami’s research conclusion that ‘consciousness (not matter) is the ground of all being’.

I suggested that our ancestors coined the name ‘God’ for the wonders of its creativity.

I saw this God as a ‘flawless pane’ through which they saw the creativity of consciousness.

Through time, the ‘God Window’ has been smudged by diverse notions claimed as truth.

Nowadays, it’s almost ‘take your pick’ which God you follow or ignore, defend or reject.

Ponder last week’s quote from Thomas Merton:

To say that I am made in the image of God is to say that love is the reason for my existence, for God is love. Love is my true identity. Selflessness is my true self. Love is my true character. Love is my name.                       New Seeds of Contemplation

It reflects the nature of a God well worth following. It resonates with the noblest of our aspirations and the deepest of our yearnings— yet somehow seems to smudge the pane!

The smudge, for me, is to do with being an ‘image’.

There was a time when I figured that I was an image of God—I too could love, pursue truth, and create— crude measures at novice levels, with inconsistent performances!

Now, I’m not so sure. My doubts unfurl like this:

An ‘image’ can be a replica, a clone, an imagined figment, or a reflection.

Being a ‘reflection’ seems the most plausible—reflecting good stuff is laudable—but reflections are ‘lateral inversions’ of the original—one’s hair is parted on the wrong side!

Ah! — We’ve got it back to front!

We have created God in our image—and titivate ‘him’ up by new ‘takes’ on sundry texts!

We are, in fact, contemporary manifestations of the very consciousness that our tribal ancestors marvelled at—even in those times when we lose awareness of our true state.

Our opportunities and responsibilities to love, to pursue truth, and create, lie beyond our home-made, soiled window— in the divine amalgam of creative energy, infinite possibilities, eternal wisdom and boundless love—where at-one-ment is the norm.

Clean the window and God is there as consciousness. Remove the window and God is there as consciousness.  The names are synonymous.

Being in the ‘mind of God’ is the same experience as being resonant with consciousness.

Being in the mind of God is a trainable skill that, for me, is confirmable with a pendulum.

The training involves identifying, managing, and ‘reframing’ our ego’s ‘attack thoughts’.

In resonance we no longer reflect the light—we are the light.

In resonance, dualism is dead, egos flounder, and oneness begets the fruits of spirit, and peace and joy abound—but only as we choose to be the changes that now we pray for.

‘The minimum number of people required to ‘jump-start’ a change in consciousness is the square root of one percent of the population’.[1]  There’s the challenge.

The god on the dirty window hasn’t delivered on the ‘peace’ prayers. The consciousness that we can lovingly call God empowers us to be the change. Thanks be to either name!

~ David Kranz 8/3/16



[1] Braden, Greg, 2007, The Divine Matrix, Hay House Australia Pty. Inc.

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