• refugeechildren

    Community Forum

    Why is it that in spite of a proven history of generously helping people in need, 88% of Australians today support a policy of sending desperate children, babies and individuals…

  • Guess

    Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

    It’s time to mix things up!  Sign up today to go on a mystery dinner with other Brougham Place people.  You won’t know who is showing up until you arrive (oh – and you…

  • Hospitality

    The Year of Hospitality

    2014 is the Year of Hospitality at Brougham Place – a time for exploring God’s call to be a welcoming and open people.  We began with a series of Discovery workshops that…

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    Our Community

    Brougham Place is a diverse community of people dedicated to following in the Way of Christ.  We seek to embody the love of Christ in all that we say and do.

    Life Interrupted

    I recently spent time with a friend who was paying particular attention to when life was interrupted. Her experience was that when life was interrupted it…