This is a fascinating exploration of the tribal, historical and cultural contexts that have conditioned and still today shape our beliefs. David’s discussion of consciousness, the mind of God and monistic versus dualistic thinking provide us with an invaluable segue into his offerings of meditative steps as a pathway for entering the mind of God. I am particularly struck by his example of observing and reflecting on the Japanese worshipper at a shrine in Japan, which potently illustrates how such mind of God based reflection can change the way in which we see others around us, and for me illustrates how God appears in many different ways, and how so many different faiths are actually united in their encounters with the divine. Oneness as opposed to dualism) is revealed by David as pointing to oneness of the mind of God as the foundation upon which each of us has the possibility of moving forward in the lifelong pursuit of finding our own path and following it with our heart. This closing remit that David provides, is both challenging and attractive!