Reconciliation SA

Thank you so much for supporting the fundraiser for Brougham Place to become a Silver Friend of this organization. Reconciliation has both symbolic and practical elements. A spirit of goodwill, mutual respect and recognition of the effects of colonisation on Australia’s first people are the symbolic cornerstones of the Reconciliation effort. On the practical side, working towards an improved quality of life for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples – particularly in areas such as health, education and employment – is essential for achieving equity for all South Australians.

Benefits of Friends Membership:

  1. Regular Reconciliation SA Newsletters.
  2. Invites and discounts for major events including Annual Breakfast Events.
  3. Opportunities to participate in workshops, forums and activities organised by Reconciliation SA and partners.
  4. Links to their networks of corporate, government and NGO partners.
  5. As a member, we gain voting rights, are part of the Incorporated body and can attend the Annual General Meeting.

Focus areas of Reconciliation SA are:

  •   Constitutional Reform
  •   Education
  •   Employment
  •   Local government
  •   Justice re-investment

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